Our Mission & Values

Session is designed around the notion of Time Well Spent.

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to feel like your day is a little bit better because you chose to spend time at Session, whether that’s because of the custom-built building we’re located in, a class you took with us, an interaction you had with our staff, an experience you had while in the gym on your own or with friends. We want to add something positive to your day.

Focus Area

1. DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Increase access to climbing by providing facilities and programs that build relationships across socio-economic, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, and for people of all abilities.

2. YOUTH ENGAGEMENT: Introduce young people from a diversity of backgrounds to climbing, and foster a supportive and inclusive pipeline for continued engagement with the sport and the community.

3. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Protect outdoor climbing areas by conserving the land and keeping access to climbing open to all.

Get Involved

We want to work together to promote and protect inclusive and welcoming access to rock climbing. 
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