We are accepting applications
Santa Rosa, California
Setting Days/Times
Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday, 8am-4pm
$19/hr. w/ Perks

Additional Compensation

  • Free membership at Session
  • Guest passes
  • Free fitness and yoga classes
  • Pro-Deal Discounts on Climbing Equipment
  • 30% discount in Session’s retail shop
  • Paid Sick Leave


This is a temporary and part-time position. The Apprentice Routesettership allows Session to provide an opportunity for avid climbers interested in routesetting to find out what’s involved in being a professional routesetter. Session provides additional support to apprentice routesetters that are enthusiastic, hardworking, and teachable. Apprentice Routesetters learn about all aspects of the routesetting workday.

The program is 6mos. and employment as a routesetter is possible but not guaranteed at the conclusion. Check-in periods are built in to allow Session and apprentices an opportunity to determine whether participation in the program will continue. The initial focus of the program is on teaching the daily workflow and processes to apprentices: preparing the work area, stripping, preparing the work area for setting, safety systems, setting and cleaning holds, forerunning, and cleaning up. The remainder of the program is about apprentices becoming self-sufficient in these practices and demonstrating their growth and safety mindset.

Routesetting requires an understanding of climbing movement and a passion for climbing. Applicants must have a minimum of 1.5 years climbing experience and be able to climb V5 and 5.11 comfortably. It is not necessary for applicants to be proficient in both lead climbing and bouldering at the time of hire. However, to successfully complete the apprentice program, a prospective routesetter must achieve comfort in both and demonstrate enthusiasm for both kinds of climbing. As part of the apprenticeship program, Session will support the lead climbing education of all enthusiastic and hardworking routesetters.

Foundational Qualifications

  • Avid climbers
  • Psyched on both bouldering and rope climbing or willingness to dive into both
  • Strong desire to learn how to safely work at height
  • The ability to climb V5 comfortably (prefer but do not require V7+)
  • The ability to climb 5.11 comfortably (prefer but do not require 5.12+)


  • Adherence to safe routesetting practices, such as: use of PPE, proper ladder usage, and adherence to work-at-height protocols
  • Willing to set routes and boulder problems with equal commitment to quality and creativity
  • Willing to forerun routes and boulder problems with equal commitment to making changes as needed
  • Assist with stripping and washing holds
  • Assist with minor wall maintenance when asked
  • Be receptive and responsive to instruction
  • During forerunning, change climbs as suggested by senior routesetters to make climbs more comfortable and more accessible to Session members
  • During forerunning, make an effort to learn how to provide feedback and make changes to others climbs
  • Clean and keep organized the setting room
  • Maintain and keep organized setting kits
  • Engage positively with Session’s members and day users
  • Maintain a work culture of professionalism

APRRENTICE Routesetter MustS

  • Understand and adhere to safety protocols
  • Develop and broaden their setting for Session members
  • Work effectively within a team
  • Be independent and self-sufficient
  • Be able to climb after performing physical labor
  • Be creative and efficient