Session’s Competition Team provides athletes with access to the resources they need to perform at their best. Session’s coaches work closely with athletes to provide the training programs and mentorships they need to thrive as strive for the podium at the US Youth Nationals.

Season Structure

Early season practice is focused on preparing the athletes physically for the competition season. High volume, low intensity training slowly transitioning to low volume, high intensity training. Conditioning is the priority in this early training phase, develop the foundational skills necessary for each athlete to perform physically at the highest level. Athletes will be run through climbing specific drills they need to become well-rounded climbers and conditioning exercises to improve overall fitness.

One month prior to the first Qualifying Event, athletes transition to competition strategy preparation. In this phase, team practice continues to emphasize physical training but time is also allocated to focus on Championship event formats, strategy, and insight into the style of climbing at that level of competition.

As the Regional Championship nears, athletes are run through mock competitions and training camps to prepare them for the stress and rigors of onsight climbing competitions. Athletes are educated on the specific rules outlined in the USA Climbing official rulebook and how to navigate the field of play.


$270/month for 3 practices per week

For more information contact Karl Cordtz, Session’s Head Coach and Head Routesetter, at