“Dynamic” movement is the opposite of “static” movement. Static moves are slow and controlled, and often can be reversed or modified while they’re happening. Dynamic moves are quick and “do or do not–there is no try.” “Dynos” are the purest expression of dynamic climbing. When dynoing, the climber jumps from one position to another, making for a great aerobic workout. Because more force and more motion is involved in dynoing, “failing” at a dyno is a valuable opportunity to learn more about how to fall and spot a falling climber. It’s also a whole lot of fun!

Dynoing doesn’t need to be extremely difficult. It can be done easily once the techniques are learned and practiced. Easier dynos can be a great warmup or cool down exercise before or after a normal climbing session. Once the basic techniques are learned you can start to practice them by applying them on climbs you would normally static the moves on.

This special clinic will be led by local guidebook author and developer Chris Summit–don’t miss out!

Dates & Times:

Friday, March 10: 6:30 – 8p

Friday, March 24: 6:30 – 8p