Kevin Jorgeson

Most people recognize Kevin for the first ascent of the Dawn Wall – the world’s hardest big wall climb – in Yosemite National Park.

What most don’t know is that Kevin is a Santa Rosa native who got his start with climbing by face planting out of his front yard tree and breaking his wrist. Luckily, his skills have since improved.

For Kevin, Session is a passion project to which he brings 16 years of route setting experience, elite level coaching experience, and an OCD for attention to detail.

Mike Shaffer

Mike ended an extended road trip after graduate school for one reason: to open a climbing gym in his hometown of Santa Rosa.

Having worked in climbing gyms since 2000, Mike has pretty much done it all, from belay staff to head route setter. His outdoor climbing is also formidable, with ascents of El Capitan and Half Dome, rope-solos of Washington’s Column and The Rostrum, and a healthy appetite for bouldering.

For Mike, Session is an opportunity to draw on his climbing and gym experience to create a business where people can build their skills and apply them to their pursuits and experiences in nature.