The goal of the Adult Training Club is to create a welcoming environment for folks to train and improve together in a focused, small group setting. Led by Session Head Coach Jeremy Ho, the Adult Training Club will meet once per week and focus on either Strength & Conditioning, Power, or Power Endurance. There will be one homework training session per week in addition to the in-person session. All ability levels are welcome to join this team and each session can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual. All we ask is that you show up and try hard! We highly encourage folks to commit to at least 2 months of team practice to see significant progress. Max of 8 participants.

COST: $250 ($200 for Members)

PREREQUISITES: 1 Year Climbing Experience

Course Structure

Strength & Conditioning Day
Strength days translate to stability on the wall, the ability to hold on longer, and fend off fatigue better

    • Climbing Warm Up
      • Time for addressing technique questions
    • Weight Room Time
      • Strength training is the foundation of power
      • Learn to develop functional strength for climbing

Power Day

      • Climbing Warm Up
      • On the wall exercises targeting power
      • Weight room time focused on converting strength to power

Power Endurance Day

      • Learn to push through pump / Climb in the red
      • Power endurance / Endurance exercises
      • Building a base

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