Start Date: 
January 2023
Santa Rosa, California
Based on Experience

Additional Compensation

  • Free membership at Session
  • Free fitness and yoga classes
  • Support for professional certifications and development
  • Climbing shoe and harness reimbursement (once per year)
  • Pro-Deal Discounts on Climbing Equipment
  • Discounts in Session’s retail shop

Gym Overview
Session Climbing is located in Santa Rosa, California, and is a 23,000 square-foot, ground-up build. Session features indoor climbing, traditional and studio fitness, and a lounge along with other amenities. Programming includes climbing and fitness instruction, youth climbing teams, corporate and non-professional groups, and studio fitness classes. Session regularly hosts events like member appreciation activities and climbing competitions.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior routesetting experience
  • Experience working at height
  • The ability to set and forerun up to V5
  • The ability to set and forerun up to 5.12


  • Adherence to safe routesetting practices, such as: use of PPE, proper ladder usage, and adherence to work-at-height protocols
  • Willing to set routes and boulder problems with equal commitment to quality and creativity
  • Willing to forerun routes and boulder problems with equal commitment to making changes as needed
  • Set for competitions and events (includes occasional weekends)
  • Assist with stripping and washing holds
  • Assist with wall maintenance
  • Assist with autobelay, anchor, draw, and rope inspection/replacement
  • Help introduce fresh ideas and concepts during setting days
  • During forerunning, change others’ climbs and your own to make them more comfortable and more accessible to Session members
  • Clean and keep organized the setting room
  • Maintain and keep organized setting kits
  • Engage with Session’s members and day users
  • Maintain a work culture of professionalism

Session’s Routesetters Must

  • Understand and adhere to safety protocols
  • Develop and broaden their setting for Session members
  • Work effectively within a team
  • Be independent and self-sufficient
  • Be able to climb after performing physical labor
  • Be compassionate & empathetic
  • Be creative and efficient

To apply, complete the online application and upload your resume here.